Mixed Kids Hair Accessories Haul

Mixed Kids Hair Accessories Haul

Hey there! Today I have a quick haul for you. I apologize for it being so late as my entire family has been really sick. Now that mom is all better, she finally got around to editing this video for me. Most of these hair accessories came from Dollar General which is pretty much everywhere

How To Condition Your Biracial Baby’s Curly Hair

If you have curly, biracial hair like me, it can get really tangled. One of my best-kept secrets to managing this problem is conditioning. A lot of times, our moms wash our hair but don’t put anything in it afterward. What they may not realize is that shampoo strip the hair of its natural oil which

Your Guide to Naturally Curly Biracial Baby Hair Care

From the first moment I held my daughter, she had hair. The thing was, it looked neither like mine or my husband’s hair. Unless you really think hard about it, it doesn’t match up to any of our relatives’ hair either. Not my mom or his mom. Not my dad or his dad. And so