About Biracial Baby Hair

Biracial baby hair is a mother’s journey to learn and share her knowledge about caring for biracial hair. When my daughter was born, I had no idea how to care for hair.

My hair is thick and 4c whereas my daughter’s is curly and thin. The products I used for my hair did not work for my daughter’s and neither did a lot of the methods I happened to stumble across online.

When she was a baby I didn’t have to do much to it but as she got older, I noticed that it was drying out. The difficult thing to grasp was that it was dry but even if I put a little bit of oil in it, and I mean a little bit, it would still engulf her hair and make it too greasy.

As time passed, I found a couple of good friends on Instagram who was experienced with dealing with curly, biracial hair. I’m thankful for the direction and guidance these women gave me because I now have a solid foundation to care for my daughter’s hair.

Having many friends with biracial babies and children, I want to continue to learn and share my knowledge with them and the world. Biracial hair is very unique and just depends on how your baby’s genes come together.

I’m not one to make a fuss about race and ethnicity but when it comes to hair, there is definitely a difference. For instance, my daughter’s hair isn’t greasy like my husband’s side of the family but it isn’t dry like my side either. It’s not straight and the curl pattern isn’t like one or the other sides either. It’s truly a unique combination of hair that comes together from both sides.

I hope that this makes sense and I’m sure that it does for other biracial mothers. I never understood it either until I had my own little, biracial bundle of joy’s slimy little body thrown into my arms as the year 2014 was coming to a close.

I am always open to advice, comments, questions, and requests so please don’t hesitate to read out to me by leaving a comment or any of my social media accounts. Also, please do connect with us through social media as well 🙂

See you later and happy hair caring mamas and dadas (lol, yes my hubby combs her hair too and so did my dad comb mine every once in a while!! No shame bro!)! 🙂